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Adidas X Crazyfast.1 TF Artificial Turf - Red/White

Adidas X Crazyfast.1 TF Artificial Turf - Red/White

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Boost your performance on the field with Adidas X Crazyfast.1 TF Artificial Turf shoes. Designed for artificial turf surfaces, these shoes feature a red and white colorway and offer the perfect combination of traction and speed. Dominate the game with every step.

Ground Type

Turf, also known as AstroTurf, is an older, more unforgiving type of synthetic-grass surface consisting of either sand or water-based carpet typically laid on concrete. Subsequently a harder and faster surface, boots for use on turf (TF) usually have a cushioned midsole and a very durable, flat, multi-lugged or dimpled rubber outsole because turf requires light stud penetration. Owing to the hard nature of the surface and the friction it creates, no other outsole type should be used on turf as it will cause considerable wear to the studs and soleplate edges and may result in injury.


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