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Adidas Predator Accuracy+ FG Green/White

Adidas Predator Accuracy+ FG Green/White

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Don't miss a beat with the Adidas Predator Accuracy+ FG! It's game-changing performance in green and white makes sure you stay one step ahead of the competition. With unparalleled precision and control, you'll be ready to kick the winning goal in no time.


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Ground Type

Artificial Grass
AG surfaces (also known as an all-weather surface) usually consists of 3G (rubber crumb) or 4G (longer pile, combination of rubber/sand infill, more realistic to actual grass) and often includes Astro Turf (water or sand-based).

Firm Ground
Boots with Firm Ground soleplates are only to be used on natural short-grass surfaces that is firm underfoot but may be slightly wet. 

Soft Ground
is used to describe natural grass surfaces that are wet and muddy and require the most aggressive traction. Boots made for soft ground (SG) often have removable, replaceable screw-in studs and typically come in a six-stud configuration (4 at the forefoot, 2 slightly longer at the heel).


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